The classification system WELL applies to:
  • Wash basin valves
  • Shower valves, shower heads and shower hoses
  • Urinal flush systems
  • WC flush systems
  • Accessories

Bidet valves are rated in the same way as wash basin valves. Kitchen valves, bath filling valves and connections to household units supplied with water as well as valves for garden water systems are excluded from this classification.

The classification system distinguishes between public and private use.
  • Economical use of water and energy is crucial in the public, commercial sector. The hygiene requirements for this sector are higher than for the private sector.
  • Sanitary valves in the private sector must provide additional (comfort) functions, and users should also be able to use the water for wellness purposes.

If EN standards exist for the products covered by the classification system, these standards must be met, at the very least, for a WELL label to be awarded. The compliance declaration by the manufacturer as stipulated in ISO/IEC 17050-1 (see annexe 1) serves as proof.

For the WELL rating of wash basins and shower valves,
  • Energy consumption (warm water) is crucial.

Additionally there is also what is referred to as a comfort rating for
  • Temperature
  • Time (public)
  • Noise class

For urinals and WC flushing systems, the rating categories  are:
  • volume (flush volume)
  • flush program
  • hygiene

A sanitary valve is classified according to its energy consumption (hot water) along the lines of the well-known European bar scale label, classified from I to VI, where I is the best (low level of consumption) and VI is the worst class (high level of consumption). It is possible to achieve 2 stars in each of the comfort categories. Valves for public use can accordingly receive a maximum of 6 stars, while valves for the home can be awarded up to 4.

If a sanitary valve is equipped with an accessory that has been awarded the WELL upgrade label, the rating of the valve is increased accordingly.

If several products in a product line with regard to construction, technical features and performance characteristics are identical, and only differ in shape, design or colour, the manufacturer can unite them in one product family and apply for a classification for the entire product family. In this case, the manufacturer must list all products in the product family within the application via the online form. The model name for the entire product family is to be selected as the product name.

To prove that the WELL rating criteria have been met, a report from an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited partner testing institute of EUnited Valves must be submitted.

In order to verify the standard conformity, the classification system includes an annual random sampling, monitored by a notary. Here the partner institutes of EUnited Valves check the conformity of the self-declarations and qualified test reports from the manufacturers.

The classification is valid for 5 years. An extension for another 5 years is possible.