Environmental consciousness amongst consumers has been growing continuously over the last few decades. So it's not surprising that building products are now increasingly rated against "energy efficiency" and “resource-saving” criteria. In the past there was often a lack of reliable and credible manufacturer information, whereas today we see a colossal flood of ecological quality labels and environmental symbols for building products that rather confuse than clarify things. This is particularly the case when consumers are unaware of the background to these labels.

Given this situation, the European sanitary valves industry has developed a classification system that
  • takes account of the increasing and comprehensible desire of consumers for information and guidance,
  • supports consumers' demand to act responsibly towards water and energy resources,
  • while not ignoring the matter of comfort.

In developing the classification system, the sanitary valves industry has been guided by the following key concepts, for example:
  • the user must be able to detect an immediate, actual saving and improvement in comfort when a higher rated valve or additional individual components are installed;
  • the rating system must set international standards;
  • the rating system must be easy to understand.