One label – many advantages

Comprehensive information and orientation guide for consumers at the point of sale

Essential contribution to the evaluation of energy efficiency of building installations

Unique and holistic information system and orientation guide including comfort features

Relevant hygiene and further European standards as basis for a classification

Transparency and consultation assistance for specialists and wholesalers due to classifications verified by accredited labs

  • Shower valves and accessory

    If a shower valve consists of multiple components or is equipped with an accessory that optimises the energy consumption or comfort, the rating of the valve is increased accordingly...
  • Wash basin and bidet valves

    For the WELL rating of wash basin and shower valves energy consumption (warm water) is crucial. Additionally there is also what is referred to as a comfort rating for temperature and noise class. Sanitary valves for the public sector are also rated due to the parameter time.
The classification system WELL combines the use of efficient valves with the basic commitment to ensure a pipe system that guarantees the highest drinking water quality at the tap.